Dinar Chronicles a Scam
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Is the Dinar Chronicles a Scam?

Dinar Chronicles a Scam

The website promises to send readers a new EDT every week. It contains lists of terrorism victims and criminal contacts. Besides providing updates, the Dinar Chronicles team helps the police catch and apprehend criminals. It sends the latest EDT via email to readers. It is worth checking out if the website is a scam. You can also read our review of this Dinar Chronicles scam.

What are Dinar Chronicles?

What are Dinar Chronicles? is a fictional Middle Eastern novel about the rich and poor dividing their wealth through a hula card. The theme of the novel is how the middle classes must deal with the wealth gap if they hope to build a stronger society. It explores the issue of wealth disparity by examining the differences in wealth. There are a lot of differences between rich and poor, and the novel explores the reasons why these differences exist.

Offers a Number of Different Subscriptions

The Dinar Chronicles website offers a number of different subscription options. For those who want to read the latest news, learn about the world’s emerging currencies, and be updated on important events in the Dinar community, this subscription is an excellent option. However, if you are concerned about the security of your personal information, you can always opt-out of the subscription process and simply follow the site’s RSS feed instead.

Subscribe to the newsletter: Subscribe to the Dinar Chronicles website to receive daily email updates about the world’s economy. You can also subscribe to the website’s email alerts. These alerts are reliable, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world of currencies. And, you can sign up for the newsletter for free! But make sure you read the newsletter regularly before subscribing to it.

Costing in Dinar Chronicles

If you’ve been following this site, then you’re probably aware that you can donate to help keep the website going. You can even donate a single dollar and it will go further in the long run. This way, a single dollar from each reader will become $1000! There are several subscription packages to choose from, including the TETELESTAI Notification List, Operation Disclosure Intel Alerts, Dinar Chronicles Exclusive RV/GCR Reports, Voyages of Light, and daily newsletters.

Latest Development in Iraq’s Currency

The IMF told Iraq that it would be fair to start the process of changing the exchange rate of the dinar at $3.23 USD, but Iraq will start at the 1:1 rate with the world, and capture the poor first in order to get that 1:1 rate. This is a big part of the good reason for changing the exchange rate, but it is far from the only one. The following is a short analysis of the latest developments in Iraq’s currency and the current situation.

Dinar Guru Made Big, Bold Promises

When he first started promoting his Iraqi dinar investment opportunity, the ‘TNT’ stands for ‘Round Table’. The guru spoke of an RV of $32 – an unbelievable amount for this currency. He acted like a truth-seeker, disarming skepticism by reinterpreting official government announcements, news media reports, and economic terms.

In addition to hosting seminars and forums, the Tony TNT Dinar Guru shared his insights on the Iraqi dinar. He ran a blog called TNT Dinar Blast, hosted a chat room for dinar traders, and posted updates on his Twitter account. The guru’s Twitter feed has more than four million followers, echoing the messages of the Occupy movement. In fact, some of the guru’s tweets were so bold, that they became a subject of conversation among Occupy protesters.

Tony Renfrow Reinterpreted 

As a serial liar, Tony Renfrow crafted countless Iraqi dinar predictions to entice investors to part with their money. Whether he invented these claims or simply passed them along, Renfrow’s inflated figures created a cult-like following. In the process, he inflated his own fortune.

The dinar value was so high that many investors started to fear the upcoming collapse of Iraq’s economy. In fact, the Iraqi currency is currently worth less than $32 and may have peaked. But Tony Renfrow reinterpreted official government announcements, news media reports, and statements by monetary organizations to his own advantage, and served a one-year prison term for wire fraud. He also posed as a financial expert, regularly updating hundreds of people on the dinar value.

Tony Renfrow’s Website is a Scam

If you’re looking for the truth about the Iraqi dinar, you’ve probably come to the right place. During the Iraq War, the Central Bank of Iraq arbitrarily devalued the Iraqi dinar. However, that value has never been more than ten per cent higher than the current rate. The CBI will be investigating Renfrow’s website, but his company won’t be held accountable for the devalued dinar.

After serving a year in prison for wire fraud, Tony is still selling Iraqi dinars through intermediaries. This website portrayed Tony Renfrow as a financial expert on Iraq’s economy. Its blog posted daily updates and articles about the dinar. It was not until an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission found the company behind the dinar Chronicles to be a scam.

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