Important facts on the Nervous system
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Important facts on the Nervous system you should know and how to prevent damage

Important facts on the Nervous system

The nervous system is a type of body system which focuses on the maintenance of sensory and autonomous functions of the body. The nervous system works in coordination with other body systems to ensure the proper functioning of the body. This system is responsible for sending and receiving electrical signals within the body. Large numbers of neurons ensure proper communication between different body organs. All living organisms comprise a nervous system that helps detect proper stimuli, and the system provides the appropriate response to the given stimuli.

According to experts, the nervous system is the most complex body system. There is a huge demand for nervous system health care professionals in medical science. 

Functions of Nervous System

The nervous system comprises numerous duties and functions that it performs regularly and consistently:

  • The nervous system consists of a large number of neurons that are responsible for monitoring different changes in the body’s system
  • It processes the signal and instructs the body organs to perform the most appropriate function following their functions.
  • The system programs the spinal cord and other neurons to function following particular stimuli.
  • The generation of memory for regular actions is an important function of the nervous system.
  • The voluntary movements of different types of functions which occur subconsciously are due to the nervous system. 

Types of Nervous System

The nervous system can be classified into two components:

  • Central Nervous System: This system comprises the primary functions related to the brain and spinal cord. This system is available in most living organisms. This component acts as a command centre of the nervous system. Every nerve has a protective layer called myelin which acts as a protective layer and provides insulation to the neurons.
  • Peripheral Nervous System: The neurons branch out of the central nervous system in a peripheral nervous system. This system focuses on transmitting signals between different neurotic elements of the body. The peripheral nervous system comprises the bodily system, which guides the body’s voluntary movements and the autonomous system, which functions subconsciously.

Different nervous system-related disorders

The nervous system components are very sensitive and could lead to permanent function damage if not taken care of. Here are some of the common   causes of damage related to the nervous system:

  1. Many autoimmune diseases cause permanent damage to different neurons in the body
  2. During strokes, the blood supply of various organs gets hampered. As a result, the functions of the nervous system get largely affected due to strokes.
  3. Impact injuries can cause permanent damages to the spinal cord, which cause permanent issues to the body’s movements.
  4. Consistent consumption of toxic substances such as drugs could permanently damage the neurons.
  5. With the body’s aging, the function of neurons is slowed down, thus causing irreparable damage to the nervous system.

How to prevent damage to the nervous system

The following measure should be taken to avoid neurological damage:

  • Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle by regular exercise
  • Taking regular sleep and providing appropriate body rest
  • Following proper diet and nutrition
  • Avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol

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