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How to develop the foreign trade industry in the epidemic environment

The epidemic in the past three years has had a great impact on the foreign trade industry. It is often heard in the foreign trade industry discussing various issues such as port congestion, difficulty in finding containers, skyrocketing shipping prices, difficulty in shipping, cargo detention, and power cuts. There are many difficulties, but according to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the growth is reversed. Whether the order can be received, whether the order is more or less is not only a matter of the epidemic environment but more directly related to the company’s ability to develop some market channels and the salesman’s ability to expand and follow orders.

How to develop the foreign trade industry in the epidemic environment

According to my years of experience in international exhibitions, I have been in contact with hundreds of foreign trade companies KP every day, and summed up the latest customer expansion channels under the epidemic situation:

1. Promotion of independent stations:

Google SEO promotion: It is a good way to obtain a large amount of free traffic for a long time, relying on natural search traffic to continuously bring traffic and inquiries, and improve the position of independent standing in Google search results(SERP pages) through the improvement of keyword ranking, which requires a long-term operation, and higher requirements for operators; Paid Google Ads delivery: Display products to customers in the form of google advertisements, which are effective, but are expensive indeed, suitable for large enterprises;

2. International exhibitions:

1. Offline exhibition to-be-exhibited mode: In the case of the epidemic, it is impossible to go abroad, resulting in the inability to participate in many foreign exhibitions. It is a very good opportunity for foreign companies with branches to seek development. Domestic and foreign trade enterprises can participate in the to-be-exhibited mode. “Exhibiting on behalf of” mode is that domestic exhibitors use various video conferencing software to get in touch with on-site personnel, conduct online negotiations with important buyers in real-time, and on-site exhibitors (can be relatives, friends, cooperative agents, or translators) assist in communication, collect Buyer’s business card, to help exhibitors obtain buyer information, exhibitors have a mode of displaying products in a physical booth. This model is one of the methods supported by the government at present, which tests the current exhibitors’ understanding of the company and products, adaptability, and the ability to connect with domestic and foreign trade personnel.

2. Online exhibition: a plan that has been chosen by everyone since the 2019 epidemic. Each exhibition company defines the online exhibition mode according to its own situation, such as UAEC comprehensive exhibition, MatchupExpo special exhibition, Liana digital exhibition, live broadcast, One-to-one negotiation, online exhibition, etc. The one-to-one special session mode is the most preferred by both parties, with a private negotiation environment, equipped with translators to ensure limited communication, and enterprises can choose the special session registration according to their own products and markets. At the same time, you can apply for government subsidies, at almost no cost, which is the lowest-cost way to expand customers.

3. Large-scale comprehensive foreign trade platform:

Platforms such as Alibaba and Made-in-China rely solely on a certain platform to develop customers. Basic members have almost no traffic. After spending a high price to upgrade, there is corresponding traffic, but the quality is average, the order amount is small, and customers have reported many invalid inquiries and other issues. When the salesman leaves the platform, he has no ability to develop customers independently, and cannot reach the target customers, so he can only simply “maintain old customers”, in the end, even the order volume has dropped sharply.

4. foreign trade extension software

More and more people use big data extension software Globalbuyer to develop customers, which is convenient and fast. By searching the company name, product keywords, etc., it can be quickly filtered out, which contains real customs data, the buyer’s company information, and even the decision-makers mobile phone number. It is very simple, and the rest of the test is the business ability of personnel to dig more contact information, and communicate with customers.

There are many methods above, so let’s share them simply. Even if it is an international exhibition or platform with better feedback, it is not a panacea or elixir. It cannot be said that one method can achieve immediate results. Foreign trade is a long-term job. How to follow up with customers is the key point that must be considered. Under the wave of economic globalization, international trade will get better and better, and multi-channel diversified development. How to diversify the company’s channels is a problem that everyone should think about. How to effectively develop two forms of active customer development and passive customer development Combining and applying them will be the direction of our common thinking. May the epidemic end as soon as possible, and those who persevere under the epidemic will always see the light.

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