Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD? - NEW SEO Strategy for 2022!
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Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD? – NEW SEO Strategy for 2022!

Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD

What is up, everyone? Welcome back to my Website. Today, we are gonna cover a very highly requested topic, and that is hashtags. Now I am ready to share some love with those of you who follow me on here and love to devour my free content. Now, I know. A year ago, the creator account that’s led by Instagram said that to only put three to five hashtags in a post and the Internet completely broke. And now so many people have no idea if hashtags are even relevant this year or how to exactly leverage them and optimize them so that your posts get more seen in today’s algorithm. Well, friends, I have some answers for you. So keep watching if you would like to know what to do with hashtags this year to optimize your Instagram strategy.

Instagram SEO is Changing

Lego now, friends, there is no way that I could do a YouTube video about hashtags without addressing this post right here that the creator account did where they talked about how we should only stick to three to five hashtags. Now, here is the truth. Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD. And what I really think about this information, and that is Instagram has dramatically improved its SEO capabilities, which makes hashtags a lot less important than it was before. Now, I personally have my own hunch as to why Instagram has dramatically improved its SEO over the last year.
And that is because they want to compete with TikTok. Tiktok as a platform has done such a good job in terms of helping its creators get visible thanks to its algorithm and thanks to its search capabilities. For example, if you search for something on TikTok, you will see a bunch of videos related to that topic. And not only that, TikTok will suggest you other terms that you can search for. That is on top of the For You page, where a lot of creators that you don’t even follow get pushed.
And so TikTok is really favouring getting creators seen on that platform, whereas Instagram hasn’t necessarily done a really good job at that. In the past, the only way for you to really get seen was hashtags. And that’s why so many of us put a lot of weight on hashtags back in the day. But I personally believe a lot of that has changed. And so let me explain why.

Examples of updated Instagram Algorithm

All right, so if you actually look into the Instagram feed and you search a keyword, what you’ll notice is, of course, there’s going to be tons of posts that are served to you. Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD. But if you actually look in deeper and click on a post, sometimes you might notice that that keyword that you Typed in wasn’t even used in the hashtag. For instance, in this example right here, I searched up the keyword social media. That term was not in this hashtag area instead it was in the captions. And so what that tells me is that now in today’s algorithm, you are able to put keywords in your captions and Instagram will still recognize your posts and push your posts out to relevant users.
Not to mention to take it a step further, if you actually search for a phrase or a keyword, there are also some posts that may show up where that keyword or phrase isn’t in the hashtag and also isn’t in the caption. Very similar to this example right here where I searched up the word how to be a good parent. That term is in neither the caption nor the hashtag area. So what does this tell us? This tells me that Instagram has gotten a lot smarter in classifying content and looking at the other areas of your content.

Why Instagram Recommends 3 – 5 Hashtags

For instance, looking at your caption, looking at your other keywords, so that even if a user isn’t typing the exact key term, if your post genuinely does relate to that topic, Instagram will still show your post. Now, as you can see, the Instagram algorithm has dramatically improved its SEO capabilities.Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD. Now, of course, there’s definitely room to improve, but it is a really good start. let’s go back to this post right here, though, where they talked about only doing three to five hashtags as their recommendation. Why so little? Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD
The reason why is because I think that a lot of us are still stuck in our old ways and Instagram is trying to change the behaviour of its users, meaning that the old way of operating on Instagram when it didn’t have good SEO was hashtags. And so a lot of us felt the need to Max out all 30 Tags. But as a result, what we tend to do is we tend to Max it out with hashtags that aren’t even related to our post in order to grow; because that was the only way that we knew how to grow.


Now, the issue is that if we keep doing this and we keep feeling the need to Max out all 30 Tags, even if it means putting hashtags that have nothing to do with our account, nothing to do with our post, then it’s going to make it harder for the Instagram algorithm to actually classify our content and show it to the right users. And as the end result, if they’re not able to create a great algorithm where relevant content gets found because relevant users are searching for relevant topics then the Instagram algorithm platform as a whole cannot compete with platforms like TikTok or YouTube or whatever else.
And so everybody loses. That is why my opinion is the fact that Instagram is encouraging users to only stick to three to five so that we can really consciously think about the top five hashtags that relate to the post. Now, at this point in the article, you might be wondering to yourself, wait for a second, I can only do three to five hashtags now, and my personal answer is no, you could actually do way more than five. You can go up to 30 if you’d like, so long as your hashtags actually relate back to your post. So, for example, there is no evidence that 30 hashtags are better than five hashtags, or five hashtags are better than 30.

Types of Hashtags to Include

The quantity of your hashtags doesn’t really matter on Instagram, but what does matter is the quality of those hashtags and whether those hashtags actually relate back to your content. This means that you could have 30 hashtags if you would like. But if the majority of those hashtags actually aren’t related to your post and it confuses the Instagram algorithm, meaning that the Instagram algorithm now doesn’t know how to classify your content, then that is definitely going to dramatically reduce your reach. Versus if you used five very clean, very intentional, very relevant hashtags to your post, you would actually by far do better with these five hashtags than using 30. On the flip side, if you are able to find 30 hashtags that genuinely relate back to the content piece itself, then of course that is going to increase the amount of reach that you get.
But remember, it’s also going to swing the other way if you aren’t intentional with your hashtags, and it could hurt you if you choose the wrong ones. That being said, when it comes to what to actually put in your hashtags, there are the top three hashtags that I highly recommend. First, one is industry-related hashtags, niche related hashtags, and post specific hashtags. Now, there are tons of other hashtags that you can choose from, but these would definitely be the top three that I would make sure you have if you are going to incorporate a hashtag strategy. So what exactly are industry hashtags?

Industry Hashtags Explained

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s any hashtag that’s related to your industry. This allows Instagram to understand what category your account plays in. So an example of an industry hashtag could be hashtag photography. Now just be careful though, because when you’re incorporating industry hashtags in your hashtag strategy, you don’t want to use too many of these hashtags simply because most industry hashtags are quite competitive and quite saturated because they are so broad, meaning that they likely most of these Tags have over a million posts underneath them.

Niche Hashtags Explained

And you definitely don’t want to use too many industry hashtags, especially if you have a smaller account. Now, a few steps down from the industry hashtag is your niche-specific hashtag. So, for example, if your industry hashtag is hashtag photography, then a niche-specific hashtag would be something like Wedding Photographer. It’s a little bit more specific now.
The reason why you still want to incorporate niche-specific hashtags is to help Instagram understand what your account is all about beyond just the category. Because remember the category and the industry is still quite broad, and you want to help Instagram narrow it down so that they’re able to actually show your content to the right users who are interested in very niche topics.

Post Specific Hashtags Explained

Finally, the next type of hashtag that I highly recommend that you incorporate is post-specific hashtags. And this is arguably one of the most important types of hashtags that you want to include. And these are Tags that are actually related to your content piece.

Example of Hashtag Groups

So using the example of the photographer, if your industry hashtag is photography, if your niche hashtag is wedding photographer specifically, then your post-specific hashtag could be something like Winter Wedding Ideas. So let’s say you’re a wedding photographer and today your content piece is about winter Wedding ideas. For people who want to have weddings during the wintertime, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your account is all about winter weddings or that you’re always going to post this type of content. It’s just to tell Instagram that this content piece specifically is Winter Wedding Ideas which allows Instagram to have a better understanding of what your post is about.

More Resources

For instance, if your industry is within the spiritual realm, then you could have your hashtags like hashtag spirituality hashtag mindset. These are hugely competitive hashtags, but it’s still worth putting a minimum amount so that Instagram can actually categorize your content in terms of niche. If you are a spirituality coach, you can kind of mention that. So hashtag spirituality coach, hashtag spirituality for women, hashtag spiritual awakenings, hashtag spiritual healer. These are all things that still relate to the content that you create within your niche.

Are Instagram Hashtags DEAD

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