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RRR – RRR Movie Review – Which One is Worth Watching?


RRR as it’s otherwise known, has been one of the most anticipated Telugu films of the year. Directed by Harish Shankar and starring NTR and Ram Charan in the lead roles, this action flick has all the makings of a hit, but does it deliver? The question on everyone’s minds is whether you should download on your computer or catch it at the movie theatre, so we decided to give you an RRR movie review so you can decide for yourself.

Why should you watch RRR

RRR is a NTR and Ram Charan starrer movie. The movie makes a good watching if you want to spend a wonderful weekend with your family members. The story, screenplay, and direction of RRR are very impressive. RRR has nothing extraordinary but is full of action and entertainment that will definitely leave an impact on the audience’s mind. If you watch RRR then at least one scene would surely impress you because of its directing, cinematography, music etc., which also shows that the movie has been made without any flaws from a technical as well as from an acting point of view.

The movie has a good story, screenplay and direction which makes it a must-watch. Music is also good and audiences can have a great time watching. Another plus point of the RRR movie would be NTR’s and Ram Charan’s acting. After a long gap, both actors together acted in one film and they delivered a marvellous performance. By giving their 100% effort, NTR, as well as Ram Charan, proved that they both still can attract people with their performances even in today’s times when there are many young actors who are trying to get into the Bollywood industry. In short, will make you laugh, cry and enjoy throughout its two-hour running time.

Cast and Crew of RRR

Ram Charan and Jr. NRT are in lead roles. The director of the RRR movie is ss rajamouli who has earlier directed films like BAAHUBALI, BAAHUBALI 2, Eega and Magadheera. This will be an ideal script for him to get a hit again after a few disappointing films in recent times. Vivek Hariharan has penned down dialogues for the RRR movie review while Salim–Sulaiman has composed music for the RRR Telugu version. Sai Karthik has handled cinematography while Ravinder Reddy has cranked the camera for climax episodes of the movie RRR.

RRR movie review starts with Ram Charan’s father (played by Nandamuri Balakrishna) being shot to death, leading him to take revenge on Sanjay (played by Prakash Raj), who was responsible for his father’s death. On his way to kill Sanjay, he meets a girl named Rekha (played by Rakul Preet Singh) who has been taken hostage and her kidnapper Ravi Kishan wants a ransom from her father in return for freeing her. After escaping Ravi Kishan, Ram Charan finds out that Rekha had saved his life when he met with an accident and since then, he wanted to save her life.

Performances in RRR

Ram Charan’s movie review pours out his heart after watching Rajamouli’s latest magnum opus. It will be interesting to see how much response his unbiased RRR movie review receives from fans, as well as from haters of Telugu cinema. RRR should easily make it to the top 5 movies of the 2015 list if not number 1.

RRR movie review will be extremely challenging for critics, as Ram Charan rarely praises any movie. In fact, he never even gave a single positive review to any movie so far. But RRR surely deserves one. No doubt, very few movies made in Telugu cinema can boast of such great performances by all actors and actresses on-screen. Everybody has done a good job except Prabhas who would have been seen better playing Bhallaladeva’s role than Arjuna’s role in Baahubali. Either his voice or his acting seems out of place while performing as Arjuna in the Baahubali series.

RRR Movie Review - Which One is Worth Watching? - Download Movie
RRR Movie Review – Which One is Worth Watching? – Download Movie

Technical Analysis of RRR

RRR’s story/plot, screenplay and direction was fine. The storyline of the RRR movie begins with Ram Charan’s father Chandu dying in an accident. This turns Ram Charan’s life upside down. As a result of which he tries to find out about his mother who abandoned him on knowing about his father’s death. Parallelly he meets Nikhita with whom he falls in love. On learning about their love affair Ram Charan’s rival Sarath calls Nikhita’s brother Abhi to Rajahmundry who gets killed by Jai Dixit played by Pawan Kalyan.

Final Verdict: Watch, Don’t Watch OR Wait for TV/DVD/OTP

The answer to all three questions for RRR will be: Watch it in theatres. This movie isn’t just entertainment, it is so much more than that. The kind of storytelling involved in such a script makes you appreciate every other movie that you watch after seeing RRR. It leaves a mark on your hearts and even though I’ve watched Telugu movies over 200 times, I really enjoyed watching as if it were my first Telugu movie.

You should also watch it because there are some hard-hitting truths related to life (that can be applied to real-life situations) that not many Telugu movies portray in their stories. You should watch it because there are some hard-hitting truths related to life (that can be applied to real-life situations) that not many Telugu movies portray in their stories.

You’ll relate to some of these things and if you’re an NTR fan, you’ll find a completely different side of him in RRR. This movie has a power that will make you feel alive again. And lastly, there’s also a comedy! You know comedy plays a huge role in any Telugu movie and RRR doesn’t disappoint here too. I think what stands out for me most about RRR was how well made it was in terms of technical aspects, be it editing or cinematography or sound design or dialogues.

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