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Fans and Fanless LED Headlight – Which is Better?

Fans and Fanless LED Headlight – Which is Better?

There is no doubt that LED headlights give your vehicle that extra touch of coolness! They are bright, long-lasting, and come in a wide variety of options. This article is looking at the two different types: LED lights that come with fans, and the fan-less variety. Let’s have a look at why you might need LED headlights with a fan.

LED with Fans

One of the main problems, in fact, it’s just about the only one is that some versions can produce quite a lot of heat. This is why some LED headlights come with fans, which are driven by electric power to keep them cool. Why is this needed?

LED headlights, which can be either 12v or 24v powered, can overheat if the heat they create is not dissipated correctly. This can cause the lights to flicker, or even fail completely. This is why headlights come with ‘active cooling’ – which uses an actual fan system – or ‘passive cooling’ which is the fanless type of headlight.

A further advantage of cooling is that, with efficient heat dissipation, a wider lighting spectrum can be achieved. The faster and better the cooling method, the more power goes to the diodes, the result being a greater intensity of light achieved.

Benefits and Pitfalls of LED Headlights with Fans

The major benefits of fan-cooled LED headlights are as follows:

  • Greater cooling capacity as the fan is in use when the temperature reaches a certain level
  • Slim versions can be very space-efficient
  • No extra space required
  • High power can be easily achieved for greater light intensity

Now for some of the downsides of this type of fan:

  • Noise is created by the fan itself
  • Fan will consume extra power from battery
  • Fans can gather dust and need regular cleaning
  • Need fitting carefully and correctly

So, LED headlights with fans do a great job, now let’s look at the fan-less version.

Pros and Cons of Fanless LED Headlights

The positives are:

  • No fan, so no extra power consumed
  • No noise from fan
  • Longer life than the alternative
  • Less maintenance required than with fan LED headlights

These are the main cons with fanless headlights:

  • Require the heat sink checking regularly for cooling efficiency
  • Sizes can be inconvenient on some vehicles
  • Wattage cannot reach as high as the fan-cooled type of headlight

Each example, then, has its positive and negative points, and it is clear that both make for a better choice than regular halogen headlamps, but is one better than the other? Let’s see if we can sum it up in simple terms.

Our Conclusion

Put simply, whichever type of LED headlight you choose, it is always going to be a more efficient and longer-lived light than a regular halogen version. This also means it will be more cost-effective. We cannot tell you which is best for you – fan or fanless – without knowing the vehicle you are looking to equip and its model year, but there will be recommended models for your car or truck. Have a closer look now, and get your car switched over to LED headlights of the right type.

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