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Attractive Exteriors: Rendering, Cleaning And Regular Care

Why Exterior Appearances Matter

It is very (Attractive Exteriors) often said that the first impression is the best impression and this is a true fact and it applies to everything, from humans and even buildings. This is especially true when it comes to commercial buildings. Whether it is for shops or restaurants, a neat and well-managed building exterior will attract customers.

There are multiple ways to ensure that the exterior of the facade of houses and other buildings are not only good-looking but also remain that way with the passage of time. Some of the ways in which to improve and maintain the exterior appearance of buildings are:

  • Render – This is a classic and traditional method that has been in use for centuries to cover the original wall which may not look appealing such as stone, brick or even concrete as well as to protect the wall from any damage. In addition to this it also increases the lifespan of the original wall as well providing it additional support. Further on below let us see what exactly is cement render and how one can get it for their home or other commercial buildings as well as maintenance and Render Cleaning.
  • Claddings and other surface coverings – Claddings can be made (Attractive Exteriors) from a multitude of materials and can be used not just for beautification of the buildings but also for protection. Cladding can be made of metal or even wood and so many other materials and is used to fortify the exteriors of the walls in order to resist the effects of weather, sounding proofing as well as beautifying.
  • Pressure Washing – This is a method in which water is used with very high pressure on walls, claddings and Render Cleaning in order to clean the surfaces of dirt, algae, moss, pollutants and anything else that might be destroying its look or even eating at the surfaces slowly. Power washing can also be used for roof tops and drives but it is not safe to clean windows with. In addition to this, it may also damage the surfaces over time. 
  • Soft Washing – This is definitely the most preferred method for cleaning the exteriors of homes, domestic and commercial buildings. This is different from pressure washing, as it uses low pressure for Render Cleaning and other surfaces with the aid of soaps or other chemicals. This method can be used for cleaning windows and roofs and any surfaces as it causes less to no damage along with keeping away the dirt for a longer time period.

What is Render and Render Cleaning?

Render or Cement Render is a traditional method used for the protection as well as beautification of walls for centuries. This is commonly found all over Europe and is the most common and popular place. It can be seen is in Greece, where the white walls of buildings are basically a mix of cement, sand, and lime with white colour pigment added. it and then painted over the original wall.

This is of course the most well-known, but it is a practice that can be seen around the world in various buildings and structures. Instead of painting over the external walls, it is preferred by many to paste coloured or pigmented cement Render Cleaning to the walls. It is easy to care for and maintain as well as to redo as necessary. 

A short Summary of Attractive Exteriors

  • Traditional Cement Render – The traditional method is basically a mix of cement, sand and lime in the appropriate ratio, sometimes with the addition of colour pigments as required  and then is pasted over the walls usually with the help of trowels. Once it has been applied, it can be given textures with the help of brushes, sponges or even other tools that are commonly used for such purposes. In addition to this, it can also be painted over as preferred. 
  • Modern Render- These days there are plenty of readymade or premixed that can be found in the market, that can simply be bought in the required amount to be pasted on to the walls. The most popular of these is Acrylic render due the availability of different colours as well as because it can be pasted on top of almost any surface. In addition to this there are renders that are mixed with polymers to increase its resistance to water, and to make it more flexible and adhesive. While these methods might have more finishing options and might be quick drying it is not a sustainable option at the end of the day as compared to the traditional methods.
  • Render Cleaning – The cleaning process for render, whether it is the traditional kind or the modern kind is relatively easy. The only thing to remember is not to pressure wash, Render Cleaning can quite simply be managed with soft washing. Pressure washing, especially over time, might cause damages to the render, needing it to be repaired or redone more often. 
  • Rendering again  – One the old cement render is damaged, and its looks cannot be restored with a simple render cleaning, it can very easily be replaced. The old render can very easily be scraped off and then the wall needs to be washed and dried. Once that is  done the new render can be mixed, changing the colours as needed and then pasted over the walls. The benefit of this is that a new look can be given to the buildings every few years. 
  • Regular maintenance – Render Cleaning only needs to be done once a year at most. It is sufficient to be sprayed with antifungal and other soaps and chemicals during the process of render cleaning, to maintain its looks for well over a year. 

Concluding Note

It is important to maintain (Attractive Exteriors) the external appearances of homes and buildings just as much as the insides are maintained. In order to keep up the exterior as well as the interior, cement rendering, cladding as well as cladding cleaning along with Render Cleaning annually is sufficient.

Furthermore, pressure washing and soft washing where needed will not only ensure that the buildings and structures remain appealing to the eye, regular cleaning also protects the wall and the top layer from damage due to weather and other natural elements such as algae, moss, or bacteria, but even from pollutants in the air. 

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