10 benefits of family health insurance
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10 benefits of family health insurance in 2021

Having health insurance is very important to protect and safeguard your family from financial distress and other miscellaneous happenings. Family insurance plans are an effective tool that will help minimize immediate and unexpected medical costs. You can get senior citizen health insurance, group health insurance, maternity insurance, and many more. To help you understand the importance of health insurance plans, we have listed some of the top 10 benefits of family health insurance in 2021. Read to know more:

Offers collective protection 

You can get all-inclusive and collective financial and health protection for all your family members by getting a family insurance policy. (10 benefits of family health insurance)
You can add up to 6 members of your family, including your children and parents, under this policy.

Extensive coverage is available 

You will also get extensive coverage under family insurance plans. Be it to cover your unexpected medical costs, recurring treatment bills, senior health plan, or maternity insurance, you can get everything covered by choosing an extensive plan or opting for certain add-ons. 

Easy addition and removal of members 

You need to go through a hefty process to add and remove members from your family insurance plans.

Cashless service at hospitals 

By opting for a family health insurance plan, you can effectively use the tie-up service at the partnered network of hospitals. But you can go for cashless treatment and service, which will later be dealt with by your policy provider. 

Financial security

Having family insurance plans in place, you and your family will get more financial security, and you need not have any emergency liquid case for such dire happenings. The accumulated premiums you have paid will effectively help you deal with the surging medical bills. 

Keeps you worry-free 

You need not be worried or stressed about the financial crunch or loss when you sign up for the health insurance plans. Even if you are planning for a baby, you can effectively get maternity insurance to bridge the cost and stay tension-free. 


One of the most valuable benefits of health insurance plans is that it is very economical, rewarding, and affordable. There are numerous plans in the market, and you can pick out the one that works best for you and your family’s requirements. 


Another attractive scheme available with health insurance plans is adding and removing the plans according to your needs. The option of customization will benefit you significantly if you are planning for a family. You can add maternity insurance along with your family health insurance plan.

Easy claim and settlement  

How the process of placing your claim and getting the settlement is also a hassle-free process for family insurance plans. You have to submit the proofs and the treatment billings to get your claim conveniently. 

Tax exemption

By opting for a family health insurance plan, you will get additional tax benefits under the tax exemption rule laid out by the government of India to promote the initiative of people opting for health insurance plans. The tax benefits are available for all kinds of insurance schemes you plan to opt for. 

You can check all the available plans in the market and opt for the best health insurance scheme. Do check out the incredible benefit that Bajaj Finserv health insurance offers. 

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