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The best medicine safes

Safes are very useful and versatile products that can help you securely store many items in the domestic or commercial settings. If you work in the medical or clinical setting, you will also know that safes play an important role in securing medicines and other drugs with Pharmacy Safes. Moreover, there is a specific requirement to comply with health standards and regulations to store medicines.

In this article, we shall take a good look at medical safes. These are essential safes that can be used for pharmaceutical, commercial, business, or even residential purposes. 

Who needs a medical safe?

Medicine safes are made with high-quality metal and certain thicknesses and can be secured with different locking mechanisms. The main difference with medical safes is that they follow standards set by local authorities.

In businesses that store, sell, procure, manufacture, or transport medicine, it is a top priority to secure your medicine stock! You would not want to suffer the consequences of any form of loss of profit over something that can be easily resolved by using medicine safes. With medicine safes, you can get better security from theft, misplacement, and external factors like physical tampering or destruction.

Similar to business establishments, hospitals, clinics, or retirement houses need a secured place for storing medicines for their patients. In these settings, pharmacy safes are indispensable. You cannot neglect this because it is very risky to have unauthorized people access prescription medicine. This simple lapse can yield you a lawsuit!

You may even need a medicine safe at home. According to the Centre for Disease Control  (CDC) statistics, 50,000 children end up in emergency care because they misuse medicines when adults are not supervising them. If you have children at home, you would not want this to happen! You know how children tend to put anything they find inside their mouths. With a well-built and compliant medicine safe, this can be easily managed.

Benefits of having a medicine safe

The top benefit of having drug safes with you is the high safety level that you can achieve. Children and teenagers in your homes are the most susceptible to these kinds of accidents. 

Knowing how sensitive medicines are, having a trusted medicine safe with you can help you reach the most optimal shelf life of your stored drugs. Some medicines have a particular condition that they can be stored in, including refrigeration. This is sometimes overlooked in many residential settings.

Also, drug safes can help you prevent the unwanted mixing of drugs. You can set up your medicine safes based on your desired location of grouping medicines together.

How should you choose a medicine safe for you?

When looking into possible options for purchasing your own medicine safe, you might feel overwhelmed. But here are simple things that you can ask yourself when planning to choose the best medical safe for you.

First, look into the regulations that are applied in your area. For example, Australian laws strictly enforce a particular set of guidelines for the storage of medicines and drugs in safes. Make sure that you check what the particular regulations are in your situation and that the drug safes you’re looking at purchasing meet these requirements. 

You can now think of the personalised aspects of your drug safe. Would you store a large amount of medicine in them, or would you only need to keep a few pills and bottles? The size of your medical safe will greatly determine your purchase. Buying a colossal drug safe if you don’t need that size will only be a waste of money. So, make sure to identify the size you need and its projected fit to your desired location.

Another personalisation aspect is the type of lock. Modern safes now have different locking mechanisms to choose from. You can opt for the lock and key type, digital locks, dial locks, and many others. Of course, this will boil down to your preference and convenience.

Lastly, it would be best to look into esteemed companies with the best track record in selling drug safes. You might want to check out Safes Australia. This company offers quality pharmacy safes that conform to the strict policies set by the Australian regulations.

For instance, the Secuguard SD1 Drug Safes offers digital locking and key lock mechanisms with a solid ten-millimetre steel plate door and body specified by the Australian health and pharmaceuticals regulations. This pharmacy safe model also has a powder-coated finish and an anti-jack bottom hinge.

Another notable model is the Guardall Drug Safes DSK1 that gives you the same solid 10-millimetre steel plating and compliance to the health department.

CMI Drug Safes is a slightly larger model with a combo, digital, card swipe, or reed switch locking mechanism. The bolt work on this medical safe is exceptional as well.

These are just some of the pharmacy safes models that you might want to explore. If you’re going to see more drug safes to fit your needs, Safes Australia definitely has the range and quality that you are looking for!

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