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Coroplast is an excellent material for outdoor advertising

There are many types of materials from which outdoor advertising is made. One of the options is coroplast (Vancouver). It is corrugated plastic. It is called corrugated because it has a certain structure. In the production of this material, 2 smooth sheets are taken, another layer of plastic folded in a zigzag is placed between them. All three layers are securely held together. As a result, a light, but rather tough material is obtained, which, by the way, is used not only in the manufacture of outdoor advertising.

Coroplast is made from polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer material. Despite its thermoplasticity, it has good stability. It is chemically inert. It does not change its properties at high or low external temperatures. He is not afraid of exposure to chemicals. Corrugated plastic can be of various colors. In the production of outdoor advertising, white plastic is often used. It allows you to better reflect the peculiarities of full-color printing. Although, if you wish, you can order outdoor advertising from a material of a different color.

What manufacturers say

Companies that make coroplast signs speak positively about the material. It can be bought at a low price, thereby making a profitable offer to customers. Customers get the opportunity to order outdoor advertising at very affordable prices. In addition, this material allows you to quickly fulfill orders. This is also his plus. That is, corrugated plastic is easy to process. Manufacturing companies can increase the number of parallel orders. They have a growing profit from the provision of services for the production of signs from such plastic.

According to manufacturers, corrugated plastic signs are very often ordered. They are chosen by a small business due to the low price. They are also in demand among realtors. Estate agents prefer to order signs that are made from coroplast because it is not only cheap. Such structures are easy to transport, install where the situation requires. Weight in this case plays a decisive role. And politicians often choose this material. Since the election campaign lasts for a limited time, they do not need heavy and expensive signs. And if you choose corrugated plastic, it turns out to significantly reduce the costs of the election campaign.

The coroplast printing service is in demand for the production of signs that are intended not only for advertising purposes. They are used for various informational and warning purposes. They can often be seen, for example, in car parks or near apartment buildings.

How long does a sign made of plastic cardboard last? It all depends on the conditions in which the structure was. If it is installed indoors, then it will last more than a year until the paints begin to lose their brightness and richness. If we talk about street conditions, then this period is shorter, which is quite understandable. Still, the sign has to be in the open air and experience the adverse effects of weather events. In this case, the service life of the sign will be approximately one year. By the way, this is a rather long period. If we take into account the low cost of manufacturing, then it will turn out to save well on the production of outdoor advertising.

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