Why You Should Prefer Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes?

The cardboard packaging boxes are by far the most popular boxes in the packaging industry. They are used to package literally anything and everything.

From the tiny sweets to the giant electric appliances, the cardboard boxes are used to wrap everything everywhere. You cannot find a single household where there isn’t a cardboard box in one form or another. Custom cardboard boxes can rightly be called the king of the packaging industry.

There are several factors that contribute to the omnipresence of cardboard boxes. Let’s discuss just a few of them;

The Cardboard Provides the Required Strength

The unmatched strength of the cardboard material makes it suitable for packaging a wide range of items from the very delicate ones to the huge and heaviest ones. Cardboard can be made into varying strengths depending upon the nature of the product and the degree of protection required.

The cardboard boxes can be made with multiple layers, including the corrugated layer, which provides the ultimate strength to the boxes. With multiple layers, the cardboard boxes gain strength and durability which is enough to safeguard the products as heavy as industrial machinery. 

Thus, the cardboard boxes are best at fulfilling the basic purpose of packaging i.e. protection. However, though they are sturdy, the cardboard boxes do not weigh a lot. They are very lightweight and yet durable. Besides, the corrugated layer of cardboard provides protection against shock.  The corrugated layer helps in shock absorption especially when the products have to travel before reaching their destination.

Moreover, the cardboard boxes are also good at handling abrupt changes in the temperature. They can usually handle extreme weather conditions without losing their shape or damaging the product.

The High Customizability of Cardboard Boxes

Another important reason for the popularity of cardboard boxes is that they are highly customizable. They can be made in any shape and size.  The die-cut cardboard boxes can be made according to the specific dimensions of the product. These are the tailor-made boxes providing the product with a handsome outfit of their own.

Besides, the cardboard boxes can be customized completely when it comes to printing. The custom printed cardboard boxes have literally revolutionized the concept of branding and retailing. They provide the customer with the best value for their money. 

Custom printed cardboard boxes are one of the most effective branding tools in today’s market dynamics. They help the companies further their brand in a professional manner amidst the fierce competition.  The customized cardboard boxes can rightly be called the brand ambassador for any company.

These boxes support all sorts of printing equipment and they do well with both offset and digital printing. 

Cardboard is just like a blank canvas and you can put any kind of graphics on it. There is no other material that carries your company’s logo as professionally as these boxes do. They allow you to play with the color tones of your choice. You can dip them in any color and get them printed with any kind of ink. 

Besides, the cardboard also supports the additional options in printing. You can go for embossing, debossing, foiling, spot UV, and any other additional features. 

Cardboard boxes can be given a touch of luxury through the finishing options like a matte finish, semi-gloss finish, gloss finish, aqueous coating, and rose gold coating. The cardboard gives the best possible results with all these features.

The Eco-Friendly Nature of Cardboard

One of the biggest reasons for the success of eco-friendly cardboard boxes in today’s custom packaging industry is their eco-friendly nature.

 Cardboard is completely biodegradable. It does not harm the ecosystem in any way.  Cardboard is totally non-hazardous and is also suitable for carrying food items. The non-hazardous nature of cardboard makes it one of the most common packaging materials in the food industry. It does not contaminate the food in any way and also helps retain the freshness of the food items.

Besides, cardboard can be easily recycled and reused. Many companies also prefer recycled cardboard for their packaging boxes.  It helps them attain goodwill among their customers besides earning conscientiously. Cardboard boxes are a great means of reducing the carbon footprints on the planet.

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