Top Himalayan Treks at Garhwal

Garhwal Himalayas is situated in the state of Uttarakhand and passes through two totally varied regions, the Garhwal division, and the Kumaon division.

Garhwal is filled with bigger hills around and The place is beautified with the natural landscapes.

Here is the list of those most amazing treks that you can experience in the Garhwal region. 

  1. Auden col trek –

The Auden Col Trek is considered as one of the hardest treks in the Garhwal region and joins in the club with the Join 1 and the Gangotri III trekking spots from either side. It also joins two other glaciers. This trek commences from the Gangotri and covers through thickly packed pine forests and jungle to finally go through to the Nala Camp.

This trek trails through the Rudra Gaira Base Camp offering you several base camps. The trail from the Gangotri base camp takes you up to the Auden Col’s base camp. 

  1. Valley of flowers trek-

Justifying the name, this trek route lets you experience it in an exciting way. The white carpet of snow everywhere will be missing, in the Valley of Flowers trek and it is one of the most scenic routes for trekking in Uttarakhand. Not only that, the blooms, gardens, and flowers everywhere, is how the trekking trail takes you through some of the most awe-striking landscapes of the region.

This trek is apt for novice trekkers as it is not that challenging. There isn’t any steep hike and it makes this trek a perfect choice for people who want to set off on a trek to Garhwal.

  1. Har ki Dun trek –

Here comes Another popular trekking trail in the Garhwal region – the Har ki Doon. Known for its spectacular valleys in Uttarakhand, this trek is located at an altitude of 3500 meters. This trek comprises breathtaking landscapes, tumbling waterfalls, and snow-laden mountains and making this spot a blissful experience. 

You further experience the packed beauty of the dense forests filled with pine and oak making the entire trip a wholesome experience. The rewarding part of this trek is witnessing the flawlessness of the Swargarohini peak that overlooks the beauty of the trail.

  1. Bali pass trek-

This amazing trail across the Garhwal region is the Bali pass trek. This is one of the well-known treks in the Yamunotri. trekking to the spot through the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary along with a mesmerizing ride through nature is a dreamy experience. This trek’s base camp is in Sankri from there it continues till the gushing Supin river and then crosses through and finally ends at Osla.

From there, the trail continues further to Har Ki Dun. further trailing through takes you along a beautiful ride through the flora and fauna. This trail then further continues until Ruinsara Tal via the thick forests and ends in the base camp of Bali pass.

  1. Pangarchulla Trek-

If you say you love adventure and have previous experience in trekking and playing adventure sports, in general, this Pangarchulla Trek is the perfect trek for you to explore much more of what this nature has kept hidden from you. It is believed that this trek is one of the most thrilling treks that you can experience. This trek lets you trail along varying terrains. This is one of the reasons why this is such a sought-after trekking trail by most trekking enthusiasts, especially experienced ones.

The rich vegetation and lush greenery are simply breathtaking and one of a kind that you can’t just miss out on. This is the perfect spot that any nature lover should attempt if they wish to have a pinch of adventure to it.

  1. Panch Kedar Trek-

The Panch Kedar trek is one of the well-known routes of the region. This trek is apt for both beginners and advanced adventurers. The interesting fact is that non-trekkers often take this path to see all the five shrines of Lord Shiva as a devotional trip, suggested by the name of this trek, which is easily accessible on this route. The suburban landscape is an additional cherry on the cake because you can enjoy clicking pictures, camping, and having a bonfire at the location before heading back to the city.

Located at an elevation of 3584 mts, in Kalpeshwar, this trek is graded as a moderate trek and takes a whole 17 days to accomplish. The months of March to September are considered as one of the best times to take up this trek.

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