All you need to know about Sandakphu Trek

One of the few walks on Earth from which you can see 8,000 m peaks, Sandakphu Phalut Trek is. You could see the Everest group on the left at an altitude of 11950 feet near Sandakphu. The 4th and 5th highest peaks in the globe are Lhotse and Makalu, striving to overcome the highest mountain in the world. And then Everest is easily above everything. It’s all over.

Best time to visit

The Sandakphu Trek is only possible during wet months between Mai and August for around eight months of the year. The walk gives you a fresh flavor every season, with crisp golden views of fall from Rhododendron and magnolias in spring to cold snowy settings in January. The vistas, the sceneries, the flora, and the fauna can be seen from time to time. It is one of Bird Watching’s best Himalayan walks.

What is the difficulty level

The good news is that the Sandakphu Phalut Trek does not have technical or difficult sections. For novices and experienced walkers alike, this is a terrific hike. It is one of the oldest hiking routes in India at a height of 12 000 feet so that you can expect good tracks. In addition, without a tent or food, you can undertake this walk. Along the road, there are several tea cafes offering meals and nighttime boards. It’s a classical journey from the tea house. However, you need to remember a few factors when it comes to security The Sandakphu Phalut trip is an intermediate hike on an easy to challenging grade. You climb Sandakphu at the greatest altitude of 11,950 feet from Srikhola at 6,400 ft. Molley and Falun Gong float about the same height too. The trail is descending steeply from Phalut to Samanden at 7,500 ft., then it’s on to Srikhola at 6,200 ft. There are no large rises and descents in the Sandakphu Phalut hike every day. However, the walk takes you every day for extensive journeys.

How to visit this trek

You have to go to Mane Bhanjang (traditional starting place) or Srikhola before reaching Sandakphu. The trip from here to Sandakphu takes four days and the hike to Srikhola is another 2 days, where the hike terminates. Whether you select the Srikhola or Mane Bhanjang route, New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway to Sandakphu (NJP). Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport. Few tickets go to Srikhola directly but are subject to availability because there are not many travelers to Srikhola. Try to contact passengers who are prepared to go to Srikhola and connect.

What is there to like

The Cluster of Kanchenjunga lies straight from Darjeeling’s main town. You may view this massif close by on the trail in anticipation. From the first day, you start watching the mountain. The Sleeping Buddha hides and searches for three hours of trekking day. And you get your first unimpeded view of Sleeping Buddha when you come to Tumling. For most days, the Buddha Sleeping is your buddy. Every day it gets bigger and closer. The group is so near to Phalut, you think that the mountains are a hop skip and a jump. The Samanden and Gorkhey villages are a lovely image. The settlement of Gorkhey is situated in a little clearing, with a magnificent river crossing it, surrounded by heavy pine woods. Watch this community as you walk down the deep bamboo forest. Samanden is an hour away from Gorkhey. A town of wooden homes, greenhouses, magnificent gardens, and pine trees. You hope to settle in that type of village. The Trek Sandakphu is the unique experience of walking and dining in India. Or have lunch in Nepal and tents in India for your toilet. One of the few walks that give you long-range vistas is Sandakphu. 

What is not to like

In the first three days, during the Sandakphu walk, the road and the trail often overlap. The traffic on the route leads visitors to Sandakphu by land rover. Although traffic is not constantly close to you, sometimes I don’t enjoy vehicles on a hike. Sandakphu’s great accessibility made it easier to access packaged items. I always assumed a trip would take you away from our city’s hustle and bustle. Seeing these packed items on the way to buy and consume brings the city back to your mind. This isn’t a wonderful view to walkabout.

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