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How to make custom boxes for different types of lipstick?

Most are in waxed sticks form, while some lipsticks are in a liquid state. In the case of liquid, these are in small jars, whereas waxed are packed in metal or plastic. Both these lipsticks are very delicate and sensitive.  These easily breakable lipsticks require protection from mishandling and the environment. Therefore, custom lipstick packaging boxes are used that are protective and strong. These prevent the lipstick from breaking or cracking. One must make sure to get the boxes best suited to the size and type of your lipstick. 

This can be done through custom packaging, which will guarantee protection to the lipsticks during transport and handling. These attractive boxes imprint an impressive image of the brand along with protecting the lipsticks packed inside. 

Custom packaging for different lipsticks:

Currently, there are many lipstick types available in the market. For example, there are moisturizing lipstick, matte lipstick, cream lipstick, satin and sheer lipstick, etc. All these will require distinctive packaging from each other. All lipsticks have different functions and usage, so the packaging must be different. Customization enables the production of varying packaging. The custom lipstick packaging boxes for different products are as follow:

Cream lipstick boxes:

Cream Lipsticks are smooth and protect the lips from drying out. Some people use lip gloss over these lipsticks for a shiny look. The cream lipsticks contain more wax than any other lipstick type, thus making lips look smooth. These lipsticks usually have small rectangular boxes with the details of color shade.

Gloss lipstick boxes:

Gloss lipsticks give the lips a little shine and make them look a little bigger. Most of these only make the lips shiny. However, some gloss lipsticks are colored, which gives the perfect mix of color and shine. The size of gloss lipstick bottles varies, and packaging must be made according to the product.

Lip tint boxes:

Lip tints concentrate on a natural look. These give alight color to lips to impart a natural look, and also most lip tints are long-lasting. Lip tints are available in dozens of colors and shades. These are available in small containers and require appropriate packaging.

Matte lipstick boxes:

The matte lipstick gives a flat and matt look to the lips. Currently, there are many matte colors available in the market. Matte lipsticks come in plastic or metal containers with a rotatable bottom. The packaging of matte lipstick is similar to the cream lipsticks.

Moisturizing lipstick boxes:

Moisturizing lipstick is for dry lips or to prevent them from getting that way. These lipsticks are specifically made to keep your lips moisturized, smooth, and soft. These can make your lips attractive as well as healthier. For such lipstick, the packaging must highlight all the product benefits to draw in more customers.

Shimmer Lipstick boxes:

Shimmer lipstick, commonly known as pearl or frosted lipstick, makes the lips glisten or sparkle. They give the lips a shiny finishing. These lipsticks often have specks of cosmetic-grade glitter or mica mixed in, which reflects light to give a shimmering look. These might come in small containers or thin bottles. Thus, require strong packaging to protect the product.

Sheer Lipstick boxes:

Sheer lipsticks are the best choice when your lips are dry. These not only nourish and moisturize your lips but also make them glossy. Sheer lipsticks have a lot of oils in them and appear lighter when put on than they looked in the package. For the best effect, reapply these throughout the day. The sheer lipsticks are usually thin and long. Thus, comparatively, these require longer boxes. 

Long-Wearing Lipstick boxes:

The long-wearing lipsticks are meant to stay on the lips for four to eight hours. These are perfect for people who work long hours or cannot reapply lipstick throughout the event. A long-wearing lipstick is something that busy people like. However, sometimes these have to be reapplied, such as after eating something. 

Moreover, advanced long-wearing lipsticks even moisturize the lips so that they do not get dry. Long-wearing lipsticks are usually liquids and come in small bottle jars. These need strong and durable packaging to protect their delicate bottles.


To conclude, custom lipstick packaging boxes are made according to the type of lipstick. There are many types of lipsticks in the markets. Cream lipstick, gloss lipstick, matte lipstick, lip tint, and shimmer lipstick usually have containers, so require small thin rectangular boxes.

The moisturizing lipstick holds health value, so its packaging must enlist all the benefits. The sheer lipstick is usually slim and long so require packaging according to their size. Lastly, the long-wearing lipstick comes in bottles and must have strong packaging appropriate for them.

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