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6 Must-Have Features in Modern & Contemporary China Cabinets

6 Must-Have Features in Modern & Contemporary China Cabinets

Modern & contemporary china cabinets are a sophisticated way to display your treasured crystal and chinaware while shielding them from dirt, dust, and other environmental hazards (even small curious fingers). China cabinets are manufactured in several styles, designs, and sizes. Before purchasing one, consider how you plan to use the cabinet and how much space you have.

China cabinets are designed to showcase chinaware, but they have several features that can help you display collectables and dishes.

Listed below are some unique features in modern & contemporary china cabinets:

1. Mirrored Back:

Some china cabinets have a mirrored back. The main purpose of this feature is to emphasize and showcase your special items. A mirrored back adds definition and style to your cabinetry. If your cabinet is placed in a small-sized room, the reflective surface can help your space seem larger. When combined with interior lighting, this can highlight the delicate features of your collectibles.

2. Interior Lighting:

With interior lighting in your cabinet, the eye is naturally drawn inwards. It focuses the attention on the item being displayed. Different types of lighting can be installed within your cabinets, such as track lighting, halogen interior lighting, and canister lighting, to name a few. These are lights that are specifically designed for display cabinetry.

3. Adjustable Shelves:

China cabinet shelves are made of wood or glass. Some may have fixed shelving, while others have adjustable shelving. If your collection consists of items in variable sizes and shapes and you plan to keep adding to it, we recommend a cabinet with adjustable shelving.

4. Plate Grooves:

Have a collection of Royal Doulton, Belleek Parian, or other fine chinaware dishes. You’ll probably want to display these vertically. In this case, you’ll need wood shelves with built-in plate grooves. These are pre-cut channels on the shelf. You can stack your fine plates vertically, enabling you to see the plate’s fine details and craftsmanship. These grooves give you a chance to show off your vintage plate collection!

5. Doors:

If you plan to showcase expensive collectibles, it may help to have some doors. This will let you lock in precious items when you’re not at home or especially if you have curious little kids. There are several types of doors on a china cabinet. These are:

–  Outward opening with hinged panels. These are made of wood or just wood and glass. They open towards you, enabling access from the front.

–  Sliding cabinet doors open and close by moving left and right along with a track and groove system. A variation of this is a single sliding door that only slides to the right or left. Even though both types of doors provide access, a two-way sliding door is more suitable.

–  Side entry doors open by sliding or opening outwards. Access to the cabinet’s interiors is from the side. This provides you with an uninterrupted view of the front part of the display cabinet, adding to your viewing pleasure.  

6. Locks:

If you have small children in the home, it is necessary to keep your china cabinet closed at all times. Most manufacturers provide this feature, or you can opt to add a lock you prefer.

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