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Innovative Designs of Christmas Gift Boxes In 2021

Over time, the packaging boxes designs are revolutionized. Especially, the packaging of gift products is changed a lot. Nowadays, people like to use distinctive and unique styles of packing boxes to pack their gift products. According to their perspective, it provides them a better chance to impress their loved ones. Especially, the Christmas Gift Boxes are gaining importance regarding their styling and design.

It is an occasion where every individual wants to make an impression on their friends and family members by presenting gifts. When these gifts are packed in stylishly designed packing boxes then the worth of these gift products increased to a great extent. 

There are numerous different sorts of Gift Packaging Boxes are available in the market. Individuals can select the one from those that they think puts a positive impression on the people to whom they are going to present these gifts. 

These boxes are made from different stock materials. The most utilized one is cardboard. With that, Kraft paperboard and cardstock paper are highly preferred as well for the making of these boxes. The most elegant and expensive Custom Gift Boxes are created with the help of rigid material. 

All these boxes come with different features and qualities. The cardboard boxes can be used for the packing of any sort of product while cardstock paper is only used for less expensive and small items. Similarly, Kraft paperboard material satisfies the needs of those customers who are looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

The gift packaging boxes made from rigid material are the most elegant and graceful ones. The sturdiness of the building material makes their look and appearance highly appreciable and attractive for everyone. They are expensive as compare to other boxes and gives the full return of their value by enhancing the look of the enclosed products to a great extent.

Cardboard Gift Boxes: – 

The cardboard material is the most utilized one for the making of packing boxes. It is due to its numerous qualities and attributes. The main feature of a cardboard material that separates it from others is its flexibility and malleability. 

The cardboard material comes in different forms such as a single layer, double layer, and others. The most used one is the single-layer cardboard sheets. It also depends on the manufacturer that what kind of material they like to use for the making of their Gift Boxes. The nature of a product also impacts the selection of building materials.

All sorts of cardboard materials come with easy cutting and molding options. It allows the makers to design their Gift Packaging in innovative ways. They can give alluring and striking looks to their packaging boxes easily. 

Cardboard Gift Boxes can be given any desired shape and style easily. The most popular ones are window-style cardboard boxes. These boxes are developed with the usage of advanced die-cutting procedures. They can be given any shape and size according to the needs and requirements. With that, their coloring and printing can be done according to the desires of the manufacturers without any problem.

Some other designs like 2 piece boxes, lid boxes, hinged lid boxes, and many others can be developed with cardboard material. It is solely the manufacturer’s choice that which box they want to use for the packaging of their gift items. 

Rigid Gift Boxes: –

The rigid boxes are a perfect gift packaging solution. These boxes give the products an amazing look and appearance that a gift item is needed. A gift item should look appealing and tempting to the receivers. These rigid boxes fulfill these requirements efficiently.

These boxes are not easy to create as compare to cardboard boxes. The rigid material is quite hard by nature that decreases the customization options for the designers. Still, by adopting advanced designing techniques they become able to give these boxes some amazing designs and styles.

Window-style and lid style rigid boxes are used in a great number for the packing of gift products. These boxes are usually designed for this purpose only. The printing of these boxes is not an easy task as well. A customized artwork printed on the paper gets pasted on the walls of these boxes. 

It is the maker’s choice that on which walls they want it to be pasted whether they want it only the outer walls of the rigid boxes or they like it to be pasted on the inner walls as well. Custom Rigid Boxes are the best available option for modern people to present their gifts.

Kraft Gift Boxes: –

Kraft material is popular among people due to its eco-friendly nature. It is the only material in the packaging industry that is completely decomposable and biodegradable. Due to rising environmental issues, the importance of Kraft boxes is also increasing.

Many individuals like to see products packed in only eco-friendly packing boxes. No matter it is the gift items as well. The Kraft material comes in simple earthly brown color. Still, many styling features can be used to enhance the beauty of these Kraft Gift Boxes.

The main thing about the Kraft material is that it is easy to cut and mold like cardboard material. This provides the opportunity to the makers to give the boxes amazing shapes and styles easily. With that, embossing and debossing techniques can also be utilized on these boxes.

A box embossed with a beautiful image or a small greeting quote enhances the beauty of the gifts to a great deal. Similarly, styling features like a window or a handle can also be included in the design of these boxes. These attributes not only improve the beauty of the boxes but also improves the utility of the boxes.

The size and shape of the boxes can be adjusted according to the product going to be enclosed in them. Some boxes also come with inserts in them. These inserts are die-cut into products shape and size. When a gift item is placed in these inserts they start giving a mesmerizing look to the onlookers. Custom Gift Boxes in Kraft paperboard material fulfill the modernized packaging needs in a great way.

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