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The Psychology Of Shapes In Logo Design

A strong brand logo can provide a solid character to a company. Logo design services precisely use shapes and color to influences possible customers. Brains rely on the visual aids provided by the outside world and the aid of form the cognitive ability of the brain to manipulate, interpret and interact with the outside world. As soon as something reaches the mental perception through the senses, the mind tries to gather the familiar links. How objects are categorized and are perceived has a significant impact on their shapes. Once you memorized the shape, the brain subconsciously starts relating emotions to them. 

The logo shapes are categorized into three main groups:

  • Geometrical
  • Organic
  • Abstract

Geometrical shapes: These are the shapes that have a certain congruency in them following the geometrical rules. It is usually based on points and lines. Some common examples of geometrical shapes are square, triangle, and circle, etc.


Circles are one of the most influential figures. The logo that uses a circle evokes feelings of Friendship, Love, Unity, Perfection, Protection. The circular shapes are correlated with softness.

Square: a square or rectangular logo induces the notion of trust, balance, order, sternness, boldness, consistency, and strength. Squares also define professionalism and stability in a company. BBC and Colgate both have a robust and firm reputation.

Triangle: these angular shapes can depict different meanings depending upon their orientation. An upward-facing triangle indicates power, stability, and energy, while a downward-facing triangle is associated with risk and tensed feelings.


Hexagons are symmetrical, balanced, and transitional between squares and circles. They combine the emotional attributes of a circle and square. HSBC’S famous hexagonal logo was designed in 1983, using the bank’s house flag.

A logo design service will use a circle for a company to feature care, warmth, and sensitiveness such as childcare and charity companies and to infer energy and confidence squares are the appropriate choice. Finance and insurance companies can benefit from rectangles. A triangle can have different meanings in a logo according to the orientation discussed above and can be used accordingly. A company known for innovation and travelling can benefit from triangles.

Organic Shapes

As the word organic indicates, they are the shapes that we witness around us in nature. An organic logo shape can include leaves, flowers, animals, mountains, etc. they are the inanimate things that the logo design services take inspiration from. Unlike other shapes that imitate the defined edges and characteristics, organic shapes emulate the naturally occurring geometry. These are not geometric figures, but they are fabricated with them to create a unique logo.

They provide an intimate knowledge of the company’s identity and provides a sense of comfort and familiarity. For example, the logo of WWF is a giant panda that provides its message through all the language barriers. It symbolizes all the endangered species that could thrive if they are provided with the range and environment. The logo of Gatorade has a bolt in it, one of the Zeus symbols. It is symbolizing his power or energy drink



The abstract designs are recognized mainly because of their unconventional appearance. They can imply the message of logo design both directly or metaphorically. The combination of geometrical and natural forms has its delicacy that the geometric and organic shapes cannot deliver alone. You can also classify simple shape into abstract shapes. They carry a specific, explicit and straightforward meaning in different cultures.

Stars – they convey a meaning of show business, patriotism, or religion depending upon how they are used—for example, Hollywood.

Hearts – It indicates the message of love, relationships, and marriage, while the broken hearts represent breakups, divorce, and sadness. Logo design services use them for marriage bureaus.

Arrows – they suggest a direction, movement, and travel. Logo designers use them for the companies that ship and delivers goods. FEDX and AMAZON are companies that use arrows very well. The arrow created from the negative space in FEDX is subtle. The arrow used in the amazon logo serves the triple duty of the package being delivered, the range of products from A to Z, and the smile of the customer.

Lines – lines create definition and form by diving space. Lines communicate direction and tell us where to stand and where to drive.

Logo design services include feature horizontal lines to spread a sense of stability, calmness, dynamism, and movement. Organizations appealing to the feminine side will often use horizontal lines. For instance, the IBM logo uses vertical lines.

The vertical lines in a logo are used to communicate masculinity, strength, and power. Companies represent themselves as bold-looking and straightforward. The companies also disclose their identity as efficient and reliable through vertical lines. Vertical lines are versatile, as they could be used to represent anything.

Thin lines communicate elegance and femininity through delicacy and fragility. Alternately thick lines represent masculinity suggesting strength and rigidity. Diagonal lines indicate movement and action, whereas zig-zag lines are filled with tension.

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