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Common Pregnancy Complications

Not all pregnancies have complications. However, some pregnant women experience some complications regarding their health, their baby’s health, and so on. If pregnant women have any disease, then these diseases lead to complications during the pregnancy. On another side, some problems occurred during the pregnancy. Here is the list of some common complications of pregnancy.

●       High blood pressure 

●       Miscarriage

●       Preterm labor

●       Preeclampsia

●       Gestational diabetes

Who is at risk of complications?

It is essential to gain knowledge from the Gynecologist Noida if you have any chronic condition or any illness before conceiving the baby. On the other side, if you are pregnant and have any chronic condition, then a check-up is essential. Here is the list of some common conditions which can become the reason for complications while pregnant.

●       Diabetes

●       Cancer

●       Infections

●       High Blood Pressure

●       Sexually transmitted disease

●       Epilepsy 

●       Anemia 

●       Kidney problems

Apart from it, several other factors enhance the risk of complications during pregnancy. Here is the list of some other factors. 

●       Pregnancy at the age of 35 or older

●       Pregnancy at a young age

●       If you have any eating disorder such as anorexia 

●       Use of the illegal drugs

●       Smoking 

●       Drinking alcohol 

●       Experience any pregnancy loss

●       If you are carrying multiples like twins or triplets.

Due to these factors, the chances of complications surge. In addition to it, here is a list of some essential information regarding the complications during the pregnancy phase. 

High Blood pressure The term high blood pressure is also known as hypertension. The main reason behind this complication is arteries that carry the blood from the heart to the body organs are narrowed. It leads to an increment in the pressure in the arteries. If there is a reduction in the blood flow, it can slow down the development of the fetus. Further, it leads to the risk of preeclampsia and preterm labor.

●       Infections

Infections can be STIs, and they may have happened while the pregnancy. The term STIs leads to sexually transmitted infections. These kinds of infections also lead to complications in the pregnancy. In addition to it, if the mother has an infection, then it can pass to the infant. It can be done when the baby comes through the birth canal.

●       Gestational Diabetes

It usually occurs if the women do not have diabetes, but in the pregnancy, they have diabetes. In the case of this diabetes, hormonal changes from the pregnancy can lead to the two situations. The first one is the body does not make sufficient insulin. On the other side, the body does not use it accurately.

●       Miscarriage 

It is the loss of pregnancy before the 20th week. Several symptoms include vaginal spotting, cramping, and so on. If you observe any of the symptoms, then you can consult the doctor. You can choose the best Gynecologist in Noida to get accurate knowledge about miscarriage. 

●       Other complications

There are several other complications associated with the pregnancy. Here is the list of some complications.

  1. Severe, persistent nausea and vomiting
  2. Iron-deficiency anemia 
  3. Preeclampsia
  4. Preterm Labor and so on.

In addition to it, in each phase of pregnancy, the guidance of the gynecologist is required. So, go to regular checkups and do not compromise your diet. To make your pregnancy healthy, add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet.

The inference of complete analysis is that if you have any chronic condition, then you can discuss it with your doctor before making a mind to get pregnant.

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