Go with IVF and Bring Loads of Happiness in Your Life

With the immense growth in the research and medical field, it has now become possible for a woman to conceive artificially and to enjoy motherhood. If you are unable to conceive naturally, don’t lose hope as with the advancement in technology several artificial conception techniques get evolved which provide you the satisfactory result. IVF or in-vitro fertilization is one such technique and also a hope for a woman deprived of conceiving naturally. 

IVF- A Brief Overview 

IVF is a boon to couples who are not able to become parents. It is the safest method of artificial fertilization. The entire procedure of IVF is carried out in the strict vigilance of the reproductive endocrinologists and other related medical professionals.  The concerned doctor takes out the mature egg of the female and fertilized it with the sperm of the male in a culture medium.  Later on, the fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus of the female. It is a complete combination of medicines and the latest surgical procedures. 

Considering the day-by-day increasing requirement of IVF, several IVF centers are established in multiple regions of the country. Baby Science IVF is amongst the foremost IVF centres in Bangalore indulged in providing satisfactory treatment to the infertile couple. 

Duration of Treatment

When it comes to IVF or any other artificial conception method, it is recommended that you must visit a trustworthy clinic where you will get to consult with the experts and share your problems. Doctors will do all necessary investigations and then recommend the best technique for you to conceive artificially. The procedure of IVF will start within a few months after the proper investigation gets done.  

This is a complex procedure but is effective and safe as well and this is the reason that most of the reputed gynecologists will recommend this method of artificial insemination. IVF is an effective treatment consisting of several steps. The complete treatment cycle is of 6 to 8 weeks. 

Risks of IVF:

IVF is the safest and simplest method of artificial insemination, but, it sometimes causes potential risks to the patient such as multiple births, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, Ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion, etc. A patient can never experience severe pain while treatment as a doctor will give you pain medication during egg retrieval but after the completion of the procedure, it might be possible that she feels some kind of mild cramping.

IVF Phases/ Step 

Generally, the IVF treatment procedure is divided into 5 steps. Have a look:

  1. Proper Medication: A hormone injection is given to the women for the stimulation of the healthy egg development in large quantity as compared to the normal days. 
  2. Harvest the eggs: Healthy eggs and sperm are collected on the same day
  3. Artificial Egg Fertilization:  Use intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and other advanced fertilization techniques to combine the egg and sperm.
  4. Embryo culture: Growth is observed by the experts till the embryo divide from 2 cells to 100 or 125 cells. 
  5. Transfer of Embryo: After a few days of observation, the doctors would implant the embryo in the woman’s uterus. 

Now, wait for a couple of months, and soon you will become the blessed parents of a cute baby. 

How to choose an IVF center in Bangalore?

In the present scenario, several IVF centers get opened in almost all cities of India. So, searching for a center in a particular location is not a tough job. If you are in Bangalore and looking for an IVF center in the same city, you can go with Baby Science IVF.  We are a reliable and certified IVF center in Bangalore. We should promise you to source effective and satisfactory treatment, such that, you don’t feel a need to move around. Being a leading IVF clinic, we should follow the simple criteria of being accessible to all, and promise affordability in our offered services. Apart from a sophisticated infrastructure consisting of all kinds of operation machines and surgical tools, we have a skilled team of experienced doctors to provide you the treatment. Our expert carries great importance in determining the symptoms of your problems and finding out the best solution for that. You can call us at the registered number of our IVF center in Bangalore to know more about IVF, a kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology. 

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