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How does RBL Bank YOUNIQUE Credit Card Provide You Benefits?

YOUNIQUE Credit Card

A credit card makes life convenient by offering timely funds to meet financial requirements. You can use it as a financial backup to buy travel tickets, make high-ticket purchases, or even use it during emergencies.

Credit cards come with various benefits such as rewards, discounts, promotional offers. Unfortunately, a lot of them are irrelevant to your lifestyle preferences and remain unused due to associated terms and conditions that do not suit your needs. What if you receive a credit card that is mainly built around your preferences and needs?

RBL Bank YOUnique credit card allows you to build your credit card based on your lifestyle and fill the gap between credit offers and their significance to end-users. YOUnique credit card offers you the benefits you need.

The best part is that the bank doesn’t decide the benefits for you. You can decide your credit card benefits.

Build your YOUnique Credit Card

RBL Bank acknowledges its customers’ uniqueness and offers the freedom to choose the benefits they need. However, while choosing your credit card benefits, RBL YOUniqe credit card assist.

Here are simple steps to follow to build your credit card:

  1. Click the “Get Started” button

Visit and click on the Get Started button to begin with the process of building your YOUnique credit card.

  • Fill in your details

You need to fill in some details such as your name, email address, contact number, and whether you are a salaried or self-employed individual. Your mobile is authenticated via One Time Password. These details are required to confirm your eligibility.

  • Choose your benefits

After your eligibility gets confirmed, you will be directed to a page where you have to choose your benefits based on your needs. It contains a list of offers and discounts on products and services like food, lifestyle, travel, and shopping. You can pick as many benefits as you want without any upper or lower limit.

Every benefit is designed and put on the page to offer improved convenience and maximum purchasing power. You have the freedom to decide how your credit card should support you.

  • Check your fee and read the terms and conditions carefully.

Each benefit comes with a price tag, eligibility, and a set of terms and conditions. So, take your time to go through offers. Read carefully and find the ones that best suit your lifestyle. Add your preferred offers to your cart, and you will be for the total amount as your annual card fee.

  • Place your order

After carefully reading the terms and conditions of the offers, you can submit your YOUnique credit card. However, remember that the fees will be locked for a year from the date your card is issued.

  • Complete your KYC

Your YOUnique credit card application will not process further unless you complete the KYC documentation.

You can check out without choosing any benefits. However, from the vast array of benefits, discounts, and offers available, you will likely find deals that cater to your needs and lifestyle. In case you are not sure, you can always return and log in with your account details to finalise your card within 90 days of your application.

YOUNIQUE Credit Card

Rebuild your card

The best part about RBL YOUnique credit is that you have the option to rebuild your credit card every year. You have the freedom to choose the same benefits every year, choose new benefits, or make a unique mix. The choice is completely yours.


Unlike other credit cards, RBL Bank’s YOUnique credit card is designed for you and by you to maximise credit card usage. You can design your credit card according to your budget and convenience.

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