Greater Details for The Perfect Car Tires

Car tires are available in all kinds, sizes, versions, and prices. Where they actually have only 3 things in common, they are round, black, and have a profile. Because no, not every car tire is made of real rubber. Many are made of synthetic rubber. An artificially made rubber that has the advantage that it can be made to meet exactly every desired specification. There is also plenty to choose and consider when looking for the right car tires for under your car.

Which car tires are best for your car?

  • Actually, no car tire is really bad. There will only be car tires that are not good enough for your car and that do not meet your personal requirements.
  • For example, there are many motorists who like car tires that are quiet. Many people also opt for a separate set of summer tires and a separate set of winter tires for their cars.
  • Moreover, there are many car enthusiasts who not only want good driving characteristics of the tires under their car but also that they are beautiful under the car. Where in particular the design of the profile of the tire matters.

Furthermore, one driver thinks it is important that the tires last a long time. While the other person attaches great importance to safety again. And a third party may want above all that a tire has the best possible grip on the road under all conceivable circumstances.

The size and other data

You see, there is so much to choose. But which car tires are best for your car depends largely on the specifications of the tire. Where the following specifications are most important:

  • The width of the tire in millimeters.
  • The height/width ratio of the tire in percent.
  • The outside diameter of the rim in inches.
  • The load capacity of the tire.
  • The maximum speed for which the tire is suitable.

All these data are, moreover, always readable on the side of the tires.

Which means that:

  • The width of the tread of this tire is 205 mm.
  • That the size measured from the rim edge to the tread of the tire is 55% of 205 mm.
  • That the outer diameter of the rim is 15 inches.
  • The carrying capacity of belt 91 is, corresponding to about 615 kilograms.
  • That this tire can be used on cars with a top speed of up to 210 kilometers per hour.

Which tire fits on which rim

To properly determine which car tire fits on which rim, not only the outer diameter of the rim is important, but also the rim width. Either the inner size of the rims that are on your car.

Knowing the sizes of car tires and rims is particularly useful if your car has light-alloy wheels that do not belong to cars as standard. Not only the rim width is an important factor, used car for sale in South Africa.

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