5 major Impacts of COVID 19 on international students in the UK

There are many effects of COVID 19 on students learning abroad in the United Kingdom. The students themselves have been able to lament on social platforms claiming how the pandemic has wholly altered their ways of learning and living in general. Here are some of the significant impacts of COVID 19 on these students.

Denied Them Social Interaction Opportunities

Most international students learning in the United Kingdom do not only go there to learn in classrooms but also depend on many activities to build them professionally and even socially. Students need to interact with one another at a close range to ensure that they master their ways of life and even exchange vital culture. Therefore, COVID 19 pandemic has made it difficult for the students to interact with the locals in the UK as all the classes have been taken back online.

Denied Them Opportunities for Extracurricular Activities

When students go to learn abroad, that is not the only activity that they do. Learning entails more than just classwork or even assignment and group discussions. There are also extracurricular activities that the students need to engage in ensuring that they develop all around and become well equipped.

Some things like ball games and other games are a better part of learning, especially for those learning in the upcountry. However, this has not been possible with the introduction of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has altered all the schools’ standard programs. The pandemic has made it difficult for the extracurricular activities such as games and other debating functions due to the need to keep social distancing.

Denied Them Exposure Internationally

To some international students, coming to the United Kingdom meant everything to them. Some students have never left their home towns or even home nations to go to another country. Therefore, by going to learn in the United Kingdom, they gained some exposure. To make matters worse, some of the students take just a single year’s masters, which are now ending without any exposure.

With the COVID 19, the students will leave the country with just an online degree and not a substantial degree as they had planned. Simultaneously, the students have not had time to explore the country and understand it as they planned. Therefore, COVID 19 has been so much a disadvantage to international students.

Eradicated Part-Time Jobs for Students

The United Kingdom offers part-time job opportunities for students who are learning in the country. When international students get to the universities, they get part-time jobs that earn them a living and general upkeep.

In most cases, the jobs act as the basic needs generator for the entire time the students are in the schools. What has COVID 19 done in return? The pandemic has done a blow to the students by making the jobs suspended and even to be canceled altogether.

Due to the observation of social distance and the company’s inability to rum during this lockdown, the students have not been able to work and raise their daily upkeep.

Created Panic among International Students

Some international students in the UK come from as far as the united Arabs emirate, china, and even Africa sometimes. These are places far away from the UK, and it is a shock to realize that you cannot go back home in the middle of a global pandemic. Everyone feels more comfortable at their place.

Therefore, the closure of borders created much panic among the students upon the introduction of the COVID 19 pandemic. The students whose places were far away feared for their lives and those of their loved ones hence, leading to instances of panic, fear, and sometimes trauma.

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